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In a world where about 1/3 of the population is living with physical and emotional disorders, finding a lifestyle that puts the body in harmony […]

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Alternate Health

In a world where about 1/3 of the population is living with physical and emotional disorders, finding a lifestyle that puts the body in harmony is critical. And nothing can achieve this better than holistic living.

Living holistically means looking at your body as an entire system and attending to its needs as a whole. It focuses on restoring the mind, body and spirit to a balanced state of well-being and energy. Basically, a healthy body should be pain-free, resilient, strong, flexible and resistant to diseases. When you adopt this lifestyle, you open yourself to inner peace, improved thinking and enhanced moods as well as many other benefits.

Here is a comprehensive list of benefits emanating from holistic living:

Stress management

If you do not manage your stress, it will manage you and it can be a cruel slave master. Conscious living helps you to identify the underlying causes of stress and guide you on how to extract yourself from such situations. Keep in mind that stress begins with one negative thought which grow, manifests and multiplies.

While symptoms of stress can be seen, the real cause of the problem (negative thoughts) is often hidden deep within the mind of the person. When negative thoughts compound and grow into a belief, the person experiences discomfort which manifests as a disease.

Conscious living helps you to embrace your challenges by getting in touch with them. Changing the way you perceive life can transform a life of stress and discomfort to a life of excitement and challenge.

Whenever negative thoughts besiege you and threaten to take you down, think about some past achievements. When you get reminded of what you have been able to achieve before, you are more assured of confronting the present difficulties and overcoming them.

Increase in energy

People who live holistically experience an increase in energy and zeal for life. These help them to internalize the discipline of exercising. Exercise is known to have long term benefits such as lowering the risk of lifestyle conditions including diabetes, hypertension and stroke. Since you will have a healthier, happier life, you see the doctor less often which translates into greater savings to enable you engage in renewal habits such as visiting places you have always wanted to explore.

Improved quality of life

Adopting a holistic lifestyle improves your overall quality of life by offering you a way to live longer and healthier. Since you will have a balanced life, you experience better relationships, peace and healing. As a result, you have a more fulfilled life for the years to come.

Discovering what matters in life

Believing is a powerful tool for self-improvement. The universe supports all that a person chooses to believe. When you keep affirming what you believe, the universe rewards you accordingly. As a result, you adjust your life according to your priorities.

Enhanced relationships

Living holistically enables you to have better relationships. You understand more by being more present and informed by your inner as well as outer experience. Since you seek to understand others, listen to them, empathize and give more attention, your relationships with others are deeper and more fulfilling.

Appreciation and gratitude

When you live holistically, you tend to notice the many blessing you never noticed in the past. You develop an attitude of appreciation and gratitude which increases your well being and heal your relationships

Personal growth

As you seek to balance your life, you are more true to self. You learn to stay in the center of your life rather than getting caught up in roles, feelings and thoughts of inauthentic identities. This enables you to discover your true values as well as needs and respond to them.

Enhanced performance

You are more focused, alert, aware, creative and resourceful due to a highly energetic mind. Since you are more aware of your physiological and psychological processes and state, you can change them for better when they are getting debilitating.

Better sleep

Today, many people complain that they find it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep. Studies show that most of the people who experience acute insomnia are troubled by racing thoughts that keeps them in a state of hyper arousal.

To help you understand how this occurs, think of your mind as a switch. When you lay down to sleep, your mind should be able to turn off the internal noise to enable you relax, reduce brain waves and give the brain time to regenerate.

If that switch gets overloaded, it gets stuck in the “on” position. The mind remains high alert which prevents you from falling asleep. Since living holistically helps in regulating stress and increasing calmness, your mind is able to relax and allow you to sleep.

Increased happiness

Humans have been pursuing happiness for years; unfortunately, they have been looking in all the wrong places. Happiness is not found in external things; rather, every person has the power inside themselves to be happy.

According to data gathered by Matt Killingsworth, a Harvard researcher, people are happier when they live in the moment. When they allow their minds to wander, they lose the happiness.

Killingsworth says that the mind of an average person wanders about 47 percent of the day. Spending so much time wandering makes people vulnerable to anxiety, stress, depression and other negative thoughts.

Pain management

Millions of people suffer from chronic pain due to diseases and injuries. Living with pain is not only uncomfortable and debilitating but also physically straining. Due to the strain emanating from chronic pain, feelings of anger, despair and frustration can reduce the quality of life.

While there are many pain management drugs, they usually come with many unpleasant side effects and threats to health.

The good news is that there is a better way to deal with chronic pain-living holistically. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) shows that meditation-a component of holistic living- is highly effective in lowering the reception of pain.

Meditation changes the way the mind perceives pain to make it more bearable. While the idea of meditation may seem counter-intuitive as many people would rather escape their pain or wish it away, the truth is that the more you fight it, the more you create resistance which leads to stress.

Mastering the art of meditation and remaining calm in the midst of the pain may require a little practice, but it is definitely worth it when it comes to combating pain.