Alternative Health Trends To Look For In 2017

With each passing year, new and innovative forms of maintaining a healthy mind and a fit body make their presence felt, promising to transform your life. While some of them may be effective in providing a positive direction to your lives, most healthy trends are simply a by-product of ‘smart-marketing strategies’ adopted by large nutrient companies to fill their coffers. In this article, we shall discuss only those healthy trends that would make a positive impact on your health. Please keep in mind that we are targeting the year 2017.

Top 10 Health Trends for 2017 with Special Emphasis on Diet Patterns:

1) From Superfood to Super-Turmeric
Gone are the days when super-foods such as Acai Berry, avacado or even quinona ruled the health market. The current health trend is turmeric. The curcumin present in turmeric has super-healing properties and is widely used as an active ingredient in anti-cancer medicines, dental medications and anti-inflammatory pills. You can even use this powerful antioxidant to improve your liver functionality. Simply mix a tablespoon of freshly grounded turmeric in a glass of warm milk and drink it before going to bed. Turmeric increases bile production which in turn allows the liver to expel harsh toxins from inside the human body.
2) Plant Based Protein Powders – Plant based protein powders are a boon for vegetarians. These proteins are derived from peas, rice, hemp and soy. Not only are they cheaper than their non-vegetarian counterparts, plant based protein powders also help your muscles, connective tissues, bones and teeth remain healthy.
3) Cauliflower – Yes, you read it correctly! Cauliflower is the next health trend for 2017 and it is consumed in all possible forms. Besides providing ample quantities of potassium, Vitamin C and folate, cauliflower contains an anti-cancerous compound called glucosinolates. It is suggested that you include the florets of cauliflower while cooking your meal.
4) Plant Based Omega 3 – Algae is supposed to contain relatively high amounts of omega 3 fatty acids. While fish oils may contain higher amounts of Omega 3 fats, concentrated forms of algae (in pills) can supplement vegetarians with the same quantity of omega 3.
5) Stone Age Food Miracle – Also known as tiger nuts and found in the African and the Mediterranean regions, these super-foods are high in vital nutrients such as potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron. They are also used as a gluten-free flour to maintain healthy weight and improving digestion.
6) The Purple Revolution – Purple foods such as purple carrots, kale and potatoes have relatively high amounts of anthocyanins, which make these food items a perfect disease fighting machine. Not only do these purple foods improve your immunity, they also aid in reducing inflammation in the human body. Nutritionist have also stated that people who consume purple foods on a regular basis are blessed with better brain functionality.
7) Stress Busting Herbs – A few herbs have the tendency to relieve a human body from excessive stress. Some of these stress busting herbs include maca, moringa, licorice and rhodiola. They are also known as adaptogens. Their main function is to nurse a battered body back to life by strengthening, nourishing and nurturing a stressed mind and an unhealthy body. These adaptogens target the endocrine glands of the human body thereby maintaining positive hormonal balance.
8) Watermelon and Macha Tea – Both these products are the latest health trends for the year 2017. They are rich in antioxidants and help the body flush out free radicals. Watermelon water is high in potassium and electrolytes that keeps blood pressure under control. The lycopene ingredient in watermelon helps your body remain fit and disease free.
9) Probiotics: Both Chewable and Drinkable Variants – Chewable probiotics to keep your gums and teeth healthy by infusing healthy bacterium in your mouth, are the latest health craze. Even drinkable versions (probiotic water) to keep your digestion prim and proper are gaining immense popularity among health enthusiasts.
10) Meat of Goat – Goat meat is being preferred over pork and beef because of its high protein and iron content and low fat content. Although it is not readily available in all countries (as it is native to African and Middle East regions), by the year 2017, most nations shall have their frozen variants made available in leading Health Supermarts.

Top 10 Health Trends for 2017 with Special Emphasis on Exercise Patterns

While Bootcamps and Pilates are still popular, here are a few exciting health trends pertaining to physical workouts that shall dominate the year 2017:
1) The Rise of Exercise Apps – Several workouts apps such as Sweat with Kayla, Sworkit and Aaptiv are circulating on the Smartphones of fitness enthusiasts. Not only do these apps suggest exercises that suit your personal style, they also chalk out complete workout plans that you can follow at your own convenience.
2) Cardio Boxing Workout – Boxing workouts are fast catching the likes of fitness enthusiast regardless of their gender and age. The brownie point of these high intensity cardio workouts is that you can perform these at home. Simply make use of the internet, watch online classes conducted by celebrity trainers and ape their techniques at home. If you do not wish to invest in a punching bag, simply do shadow boxing.
3) Online Fitness Coaching Sessions – Live streaming classes showcasing the latest fitness workout sessions have paved the way for future workout trends. Leading social media platforms such as Facebook are also promoting free streaming classes. Some top fitness studios offering live streaming workout sessions include FitFusion, Ballet Beautiful, YogaGlo and Barre 3. These virtual reality based high intensity cardio sessions are ideally suited for those individuals who do not live in metropolitan cities or are bogged down by a busy work schedule.
4) Technology Based Workouts – Nowadays, emphasis is not only on the kind of training style but also on the technology that governs it. Some of the popular gadgets used during workouts include heart rate monitors, smart watches, calorie burning devises etc. Safety devises such as GPS, navigation flares and safety apps are also incorporated in modern day workouts.
5) Yogazzercise and Piloxing – While these terms may sound unique, they denote combo workout sessions that are in trend these days. These hybrid exercise routines not only break the monotony of usual exercise sessions, they also allow your body to become lean and fit. Yogazzercise is a combination of warm-up, cool-down as well as regular yoga sessions whereas Piloxing is a combination of Pilates and boxing.
6) Outdoor Exercises – This year, emphasis is laid on performing outdoor exercises such as playing tennis, golf, football and even track running. These are group exercises that are performed in suitable outdoor locations. Outdoor exercises not only develop your health, they also inculcate team spirit.
7) Health Clubs Based on Faith – Several religiously oriented health clubs have cropped in the United States and several European Nations across the globe. Some of these include gyms and health clubs run by churches.
8) Take Time Off – Gone are the days when you needed to slog for an entire week. Nowadays, over training is passe and emphasis is laid on achieving full body recovery. The Galloway Plan initiated in the 1990s era that helped athletes recover from stertorous workouts has become a leading health trend setter for the year 2017.
9) Group Training Sessions – In case you cannot afford a personal trainer on your own, then you can include three or more individuals to share the cost. The concept of group personal training is fast catching up and is a leading workout trend setter for the year 2017.
10) Swimming is Back – Swimming has made a major comeback after Micheal Phelps promoted his aquatic training style making it an instant hit amidst the fitness training circuit. Several innovative forms of resistance training have been incorporated into the monotonous swimming sessions to allow people to burn body fat, increase stamina and build muscle.