A Few Lesser Known Pre Workout Tips To Help You Get Better Results

The actual workout portion of your fitness routine is the easiest and lowest hanging fruit to complete. It’s the before and after – the preparation and recovery rituals that most find most difficult to maintain a proper balance with. In this article we will focus on the “before” otherwise known as the preparation or your “warm-up.”

  • Drink lots of water!

    Staying hydrated during a workout is something the vast majority of us do whether we realize it or not. But what many people fail to do is to hydrate themselves completely and fully before your workout even begins. This will help you focus at the task at hand while your working out rather than how thirsty or exhausted you feel while you work out.


  • Get some Sleep!

    The proper amount of sleep and rest is crucial to BOTH recovery and preparation. Going to the gym while your exhausted is not where you want your endurance level to be while your trying to maximize the results you will be getting from your routine. You must get at least six hours but the recommendation is to get at least eight.


  • Don’t Go Hungry!

    It’s very simple: your body needs fuel in order to function. This is especially true when your body is working overtime during your workout. If you feel a little hungry before your workout – grab a small snack! The amount you should eat is very dependent on your particular body type and size as well as what results you’re aiming for (eat less while cutting weight and more while gaining/bulking).


  • Dress For Success!

    As odd as it may sound wearing red during a workout has been shown to increase both energy and confidence. It’s a strong and very heightened color so it jolts your senses as you exercise. If you are lifting heavy and want to focus more on technique you may want to consider blue to you can best hone all of you’re attention on the task at hand rather than flying around the gym.


  • Never Skip Your Warm-up!

    Your actual warm up (stretching, light cardio etc) is the most crucial of all of these! You should give your body the chance to raise it’s temperature and heart rate while dynamically loosening yourself up for the more strenuous movements you are about to embark on. It’s just like your car during the winter months – warm cars perform better and encounter less issues and the same goes for your body!