All Natural Health Drink Is Legitimate Arlternative To Xanax

For those of you out there with high anxiety issues you may now not need to go see your doctor in order just to relax. A new all natural calming drink is on the rise on the moment that many consider to have a similar calming effect as popular prescription anti-anxiety drug Xanax with out any of the side effects or potential addiction.
The drink is called “Just Chill” and it’s distributed by The Chill Group Inc. and the drink has received national recognition from such media outlets as USA Today, CNN, The Huffington post and many more. What’s the drink’s secret? Well, it’s no secret – it’s L-theanine which is derived from tea leaves and it’s been proven to help you relax with out any of the narcotic-like effects.
The drink has already been recognized as safe by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The ingredient L-theanine also helps decrease blood pressure but it does do so in such a short span that it could be considered dangerous for those with heart issues so be sure to consult with your doctor before ordering a case of this stuff. But, if your doctor gives you the green light then I would recommend jumping right into this stuff because it’s almost miraculous the level to which it can decrease your stress to – even during the stressful situations in question. check it out for yourself and buy some: