Alternative Treatments For Chronic Pain

Most of the time, people who see a doctor about chronic pain and get diagnosed as such get treated by being prescribed pain killers. The further down the road we get as a people with the knowledge we have about opioid addiction, more and more people are saying no to even using pain killers in the short term. So, this leaves many with a short list of options – in fact, what options do they even have?
One such alternative is acupuncture which (as many of you already know) is the practice of a doctor puncturing your skin with hundreds of tiny needles at one time to help your nerves and muscles function better and in unison. Another alternative to pain killers is massage therapy which has been the most highly reviewed of any alternative to pain killers. The only issue with massage therapy is getting approved by your insurance company and/or footing the bill yourself because it can get quite expensive. Yet another alternative you could turn to instead of opioids is Yoga and/or Tai Chi because both are disciplines that help those who practice them to better align their body with their mind which has been clinically proven to reduce pain. You can also look into non-narcotic supplements as far as easing chronic pain – curcumin and S-adenosylmethionine have been shown to reduce inflammation and pain respectively. Be sure to consult your doctor before trying any of these alternatives!