Are E-Cigarettes & Vaping Actually Healthy Alternatives To Smoking?

The short answer is this: No – using nicotine of any kind is not healthy for you at all. However, in comparison to the traditional use of tobacco it is a much safer alternative. a regular cigarette contains about sixty six carcinogens (chemicals that cause cancer) whereas most e-cigs contain only two, nicotine being one of them. All of that being said, this issue is much more complex than just that.
Reports have generally been mixed when it comes to whether or not e-cigs are healthier than their tobacco counter-parts. However, many people have successfully used the e-cigs as a method of quiting smoking which lends credence to their overall effectiveness. The biggest issue facing electronic cigarettes and vaping is the fact that no long term effects are known yet and won’t be for at least another ten years if not more as the e-cig industry is less than ten years old itself. So, the only thing that’s clear about e-cigs is that nothing is yet clear.
In the end, the best option is to cease use of all tobacco and tobacco related products immediately. This is the only way to be completely sure that you won’t end up experiencing any negative health effects. The book has yet to be written on electronic cigarettes and vaping so until we have a fully aged generation of e-smokers we won’t be able to be sure about the long reach effects of e-cigarettes. If you insist on using e-cigarettes and/or nicotine vapor you should consult a doctor before you do so.