Can Alternative Methods Help Alleviate Bowel Disorders?

A new medical review is suggesting that alternative medical therapies such as fiber, probiotics, and certain herbal treatments may actually help alleviate some bowel conditions such as IBS, constipation and more. Each method and what specific condition it helps are all different. One thiing is for certain after looking at the all-around results of this study: alternative medicine helps bowel disorders more than traditional medicine.
In recent years, many with bowel conditions have complained that regular medicine and/or medical treatment has not done much of anything to help them or their condition. But now, after this study, work can go forward in putting further research and funding into the use of alternative medicine as a solution for more common bowel disorders.
It has also been found, specifically regarding ulcerative colitis, that an alternative probiotic treatment can be used after they are better to help prevent any future relapses. Most of the information provided in this article was found thanks to research done by Dr. Diego Curro, lead author of the British Journal of Pharmacology study.