Foods That Will Help And Hurt Your Eye Health

If you honestly value the quality of your eyesight you should listen up because the types of food that you eat can greatly affect it. Some of these may seem obvious as unhealthy food/drink and some may not. Either way, take heed of this information because degenerative eyesight and age still hold a huge positive correlation and eating the right foods could help stop or at least slow that down greatly.
Four foods that will hurt your sight are soda, sugary foods, gluten, and vegetable oils. The soda and sugary foods should stand out as obviously bad to most of you. Soda’s artificial ingredients can easily lead to high blood pressure which can hurt your eyesight by damaging the blood vessels in your eye. The sugary products can cause problems because over-consumption of these foods (which is not a lot) can lead to macular degeneration – one of the top causes of blindness. The less obvious foods here are gluten and vegetable oils. Gluten can become problematic for your eyes because it leads to a condition where your body can’t absorb vitamins and nutrients the way it should be able to which will pretty much hurt everything in someway but that definitely includes your eyes. Finally, vegetable oils can lead to damage for your eyesight due to the fact that they are so over processed (to the point where no person should knowingly consume them) that they will cause free radical damage which can severely impact your eyes.
Now for the foods that will help your eyesight. These include black currants, salmon, kale and bilberries. For the average person, none of these should be obvious. Black currants are the most antioxidant loaded food on earth and antioxidants promote cell repair, so yeah, they’re good for your eyes. Salmon’s large amount of omega-3 fatty acids which aids the body’s cell membranes and helps lower multiple forms of inflammation. Your eyes will really benefit from Kale because it contains lutein which is a compound that directly helps eyesight. Finally, bilberries also aid your vision in a very direct fashioned.