What’s The Problem With Milk And What Should I Drink Instead?

Regular milk isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Yes, it’s a great source of protein and supports bone health but there is another side to milk that you will want to know about. Many cows are fed improper and unhealthy diets, so, as a result they get sick very often. Because of that some of these illnesses can be found in typical dairy milk and, even worse, when these sick cows are treated they are given antibiotics – many of which are disproved for human consumption by the FDA but that’s what happens sometimes when you drink milk – you consume a banned antibiotic.
This is pretty eye-opening stuff to say the least. But, what can you do to avoid the negative effects of milk while maintaining the positive benefits? You can choose to consume an alternative. Here are six potential alternatives for cow’s milk that will help you get healthy with none of the bad stuff:

  1. Soy Milk
  2. Why drink it? Lowest fat and highest protein.

  3. Cashew Milk
  4. Why drink it? Fewest calories and carbs.

  5. Rice Milk
  6. Why drink it? No fat content.

  7. Coconut Milk
  8. Why drink it? Good source of protein.

  9. Hemp Milk
  10. Why drink it? Very low Sugar.

  11. Almond Milk
  12. Why drink it? Also Very low sugar & the tastiest!